and you want to use your knowledge of computer programming, systems engineering, database management and statistics to achieve strategic business goals.

Skills in analytics and business intelligence are top hiring priority for companies across every sector, including finance, banking, marketing, management, healthcare, social and visual media, engineering and sciences.

Salaries for graduates of master degree programs in business analytics are often over $80,000, due to a predicted shortage of managers and analysts with knowledge of how to use the analysis of big data.

and you enjoy creating unique solutions that bring lasting benefits.

And you realize that leadership and effective communication skills are key to implementing your creative ideas.

and you understand that business acumen is a skill needed to comprehend & analyze industry trends and predict new developments.

Employment opportunities for data experts are also abundant.

National demand for data scientists is expected to exceed supply by up to 190,000 jobs by the year 2018.

For example, there was a 123.60% jump in demand for Information Technology Project Managers with “big data” expertise (Forbes, December 29, 2014).    The immediate need for professionals versed in data science is fueled by the explosion of data generated online from social networks and mobile devices, to real-time sensors and purchase transactions. However, the issue is not just a short supply of analytics professionals.  Companies need people who have talents that bridge the technical side of analytics with business intelligence and business decision-making. Professionals with these skills will be able to use their analytical skills to determine which business opportunities have the highest potential for commercial success, develop a business strategy and make savvy business decisions to execute the strategy.