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Christopher W. Zobel

R.B. Pamplin Professor, Business Information Technology
Christopher W. Zobel
2072 Pamplin

Christopher Zobel is a member of the Department of Business Information Technology at Virginia Tech. His academic training is in mathematics and systems engineering, and his research focuses on developing analytic techniques to improve environmental decision making and disaster/crisis operations management. He has significant experience with multi-objective and multi-stakeholder decision problems, as well as with stochastic optimization, and simulation-optimization techniques. He is particularly interested in the quantitative analysis of multi-dimensional concepts such as disaster resilience, which have not only physical and economic characteristics but also social and organizational dimensions. In this context, his primary focus is on more clearly identifying and leveraging the trade-offs inherent in decisions that affect resilient behavior.


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“Performance-based decision support system for resilient and sustainable multi-hazard building design,” NSF-RSB. Feb 2015 – Jan 2019. Funding amount: $1.26 Million. PI: M.Flint; Co-PIs: J. de la Garza, M. Eatherton, J. Irish, G. Olgun; Senior Personnel: G. Reichard, R. Leon, A. Rodriguez-Marek, C. Zobel.

“Fostering Community Resilience through Adaptive Learning in a Social Media Age,” 2014 RFFC-ISCE Grant Competition. Mar 2014 – Sep 2015. Funding amount: $20,000. PI: Y. Zhang; Co-PIs: M. Cowell, C. Zobel; Students: W. Drake, Y. Li.

“Geotechnical Survey Strategies for Cost-efficient Ocean Renewable Energy Early Site Characterization,” ICTAS Junior Faculty Collaborative (JFC) Proposal. Jan 2015 – Dec 2016. Funding amount: $119,077. PI: N. Stark; Co-PI: C. Zobel.

“Building a common language around the dynamic resilience of coastal communities,” Virginia Tech Institute for Society, Culture, and the Environment – Global Issues Initiative. Jan 2014 – Dec 2014. Funding amount: $20,000. Co-PIs: C. Zobel, M. Cowell, C.G. Olgun, R. Weiss, Y. Zhang, and M. Ghafory-Ashtiany.

“Sustainable Food Systems: Impacts of Disasters & Relief Efforts on Resilience,” Natural Hazards Center Quick Response Grant Program, Fall 2013. PI: R. Budowle; Co-PIS: J. Mittlestaedt, S. Baker, and A. Arnette (University of Wyoming), C. Zobel (Virginia Tech).

“An Empirical Investigation of the Material Convergence Problem,” Natural Hazards Center Quick Response Grant Program, Fall 2013. PI: A. Arnette (University of Wyoming); Co-PI: C. Zobel (Virginia Tech)

“Sustainable Community Resilience: Establishing a Link between Inherent and Dynamic Disaster Resilience,” Virginia Tech Institute for Society, Culture and Environment. Funding amount: $19,754. Duration: May 8, 2011-June 15, 2011. Co-PIs: C. Zobel, L. Rees, P. Sforza; Student: J. Chacko.

“Collaborative Research: CPATH CB: Living in the KnowlEdge Society (LIKES),” National Science Foundation. Funding amount: $289,999. Duration: 2007-2009. PI: E. Fox; Co-PIs: C. Evia, W. Fan, S. Sheetz, C. Zobel.

“Decision Support to Achieve Watershed Nutrient Balance and Meet Water Quality Goals,” USDA-CSREES. Funding amount: $596,397. Duration: 2007-2010. PI: J. Pease; Co-PIs: D. Bosch, M. Wolfe, J. Ogejo, G. Evanylo, K. Knowlton, N. Franz, C. Zobel.

Co-Director, Virginia Tech’s Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program in Disaster Resilience

Southeast Decision Sciences Institute Council Member (2015-2017)

Board of Directors, ISCRAM (2013-2017)

Treasurer, ISCRAM (2014-2016)

President – Southeast Decision Sciences Institute (2013-2014)

Secretary of the Board, ISCRAM (2013-2014)


  • Large-scale Stochastic Decision Problems
  • Intelligent Decision Support Systems
  • Knowledge Engineering