Deloitte’s Annual Tech Trends Report: How Strategy, Technology, and Operations Come Together in “The Symphonic Enterprise”

Deloitte’s Tech Trends 2018 spotlights eight key trends that could potentially impact business strategies and outcomes. This year’s theme, “The symphonic enterprise,” is an idea that describes strategy, technology, and operations working together, in harmony, across domains and boundaries.

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Business Analytics: Meeting the need for talent

A recent article in Pamplin Magazine about CBIA indicates"There’s a significant shortage of talent in the data and business analytics arena. Pamplin’s business analytics concentration gives students a solid education in both data analytics and business. This is how our master’s program is dramatically different from analytics programs in engineering, computer science, and statistics.” -Linda Oldham, executive director of Pamplin’s Center for Business Intelligence and Analytics (CBIA)

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Congratulations to Zheng Xiang, Qianzhou Du, Yufeng Ma, and Dr. Weiguo Fan for winning the best research paper award for "Assessing reliability of social media data: Lessons from mining trip advisor hotel reviews."